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                      Controlled Rate Freezing 

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CELL CRYOGENICS LTD is proud to offer unique and class-leading products for cryopreservation and exclusively the Grant Asymptote EF600M - the next generation of LN2-free controlled rate freezers.

We will be
pleased to discuss your application and needs in detail and arrange an evaluation. We will ensure that you receive the best possible support and service to really appreciate the benefits of the EF600 and our other advanced cryopreservation products!
typical application: 
Taking therapeutic cells from research through development to production
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           CRYOPRESERVATION - CONSULTANCY              

                      Is your cryopreservation process optimised? 

                      Maximum viability?                                               

                      Phenotype maintained?

                      Fully GMP-compliant? 

he process of cryopreservation has a number of effects on a cell, some of these are well characterised. Optimising the process can have a significant effect not only on post-thaw viability but also on the on-going functional phenotype stability and, cell expansion capability.
CELL VIABILITY ASSESSMENT.  The viability as assessed by a standard live/dead assay does not inform as to the exact status of the cell. Further genetic, proteomic and bio-marker tests will elucidate up-and down-gene regulation, changes to the secrotome and, the functional phenotype.

CELL CRYOGENICS LTD can be engaged to effectively optimise your cryopreservation procedures to ensure that your cells post-cryopreservation, more closely represent the stable functional phenotype the cells were selected for.
Different versions of the EF600M
controlled-rate freezer-EF600.jpg
EF600M 100; EF600M 102; EF600M 108
Evaluations: your decision to buy and routinely use one of our products should be based on the data you have generated and your experience of using it. We will try to ensure you are able to evaluate product whenever possible with support that enables you to get the most of the trial quickly.

 the EF600M is rapidly becoming established as the next generation of controlled rate freezer and is successfully used in a wide variety of applications and we have many satisfied users. Please contact us for reference details and to discuss the needs of your application - we are happy to help.


# High-capacity Controlled Rate Freezers -
Cell Cryogenics's product portfolio is presently being expanded with the addition of higher-capacity Controlled Rate Freezers. Please contact us for updates

# IceStartTM, NucleoCTM 
controls and optimises when ice nucleation occurs. This prevents 'supercooling' and improves both post-thaw cell viability and stability of the phenotypic functionality for a wide range of cell types. The improvement in cell viability can be significant, e.g. 30% for T-lymphocytes and enures all samples receive the optimum treatment.



To support the need for improved cryopreservation across the scientific and medical sectors, Cell Cryogenics Ltd will continue to bring you new, innovative products. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR UPDATES

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